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There Are Two (2) Easy Ways To Join.

(1) Click Below to go to this link for more information:

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(2) Call our office and speak to a representative Telephone: (602) 266-8676

What are the benefits to joining?

Your membership gives you access to VALUABLE BUSINESS SERVICES

Watch,as we grow. Our suite of services continues to expand.

A customized site built to MEET YOUR DIVERSITY NEEDS
Our goal is to build a center of excellence where professionals come to acquire resources and information about diversity. As we grow, our site will become more and more customized for you! Members will be able to access personalized information, data and resources to meet individual needs and objectives.

Membership to YNKnet gives you access to all of the products and services offered by Young & Kahn, our Associates and our Partners as well as discounts on specified material. The Shopping Center is home to a suite of training ideas, strategic planning tools, e-learning, assessment tools, books, videos, computer equipment and more. We are an authorized distrubutor for Roosevelt Thomas Products, Learncom Videos and more.

Access to PEOPLE
Members, associates and partners can collaborate with each other in the exchange of services and assistance. Your membership aligns you with recognized leaders in management and diversity. The Associates Center is an online listing of many of today's most often sought after speakers, consultants and trainers. As a Member, you can call our office to find out more about the Associates. Additionally, our Job Exchange Center is a place for finders and seekers to meet. Members-Only will have access to this exchange.

Your membership means that, like us, you too are committed to building the discipline of diversity into a recognized field of study. We, like you, are committed to advancing the recognized benefits of diversity in our businesses, learning institutions, and the communities in which we live and work.

Opportunities to STAY CURRENT
As we grow, information will continue to be added to our site. The Members-Only Learning Center has up-to-date web links, where members can find issues from politics to implementation, from daily management and managing diversity to understanding yourself as a change agent or even building your consulting business. You will have free access to diversity models, courseware, articles, information, and more.

And more!

Let's face it. You are busy. Let us bring the latest and best of the world of Diversity to you. When you sign up, you will never be out of the loop again on new products, innovative concepts, course material, new associates and all the exciting things we haven't even thought of yet.

This site is built for YOU about YOU. The mission of DiversityInfo.com is to build a customized web-portal where individuals can easily access vital resources; a place to learn, network and develop the field of diversity.

Your membership contribution helps build the NDA, a center of excellence where professionals come to acquire resources and information about diversity. By joining this site, you’ll automatically become a member of a NATIONAL DIVERSITY ALLIANCE and gain access to a powerful support system that can help you find solutions, operate more efficiently and move your diversity efforts into the speed of technology.

Benefit Chart Corporate/Non Profit Member Associate Member General Member
Access to Associates Access Access Access
Visibility on Site corporate logo on site Biography, website link, photos
Consultation Center
Dr. Diversity
Full Access Full Access
Job Exchange Center Access Access
Outreach Center Access Access Access
Learning Center Access Access Access
Shopping Center Access Access Access

Members include national and international

·     Diversity Leaders
·     Training Leaders
·     Members of Diversity Councils
·     Professional Consultants, Trainers and Speakers
·     HR Generalists
·     Practitioners
·     Corporate Representatives
·     Academic Leaders
·     Professors and Teachers
·     Community Based Organizations
·     Not-For-Profit Agencies
·     Governments
·     Technology and Learning Experts

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