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Affirmative Action Planning
Affirmative Action ~ Positive Results

Talent Planning and Development
Talent Assessment Tools

Diversity eLearning
Diversity eLearning
Non-Profit Member

Are you a community based non-profit organization?

Would you like to have access for your colleagues and members to diversity information and resources?

Why Join?

As we grow, our suite of services will also expand.

Become a member of the National Diversity Alliance and Your membership gives you access to VALUABLE BUSINESS SERVICES.

Substantial cost savings
As a paid non-profit member to YNKnet.com All EMPLOYEES will obtain general membership in a National Diversity Alliance. Members receive discounts on services, products, and materials on our site. Additionally, they will have access to all members-only features of our site such as the consultation center, Job exchange and more.

A large repository of practical materials
We are committed to maintaining a practical and user-friendly array of materials and resources for our members. Our objective is to have materials available in a variety of deliverable formats including intranet and web-based.

A national network of peers
By joining YNKnet.com you automatically become member of a national network of peers we call the National Diversity Alliance. Members will be able to communicate with each other and share best practices and provide peer support.

Access to the Y&K Legacy Circle of experts
Featured on our site will be the work of world-renowned Diversity experts from which to extract valuable learning in diversity management.

Access to e-Learning diversity courseware
Our signature products will include a suite of e-learning courseware complete with a learning management system for broad based implementation.

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