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About Us

Executive Summary

DiversityInfo.com, is a full service diversity resource center.

DiversityInfo.com is a place for collaboration. Members of the community of diversity professionals come together to share best practices and offer solutions for one another. It is a place for learning and a resource for networking and collaborative development. Like the commonly known metaphor - we are a tossed salad - each of our unique contributions enhances the other. As we grow together - we learn - we contribute and we work together and watch the practice of diversity grow stronger.

About R.L. Young Associates

For nearly 25 years, R.L. Young Associates (a joining of Culture Link, Inc. with RLYoung Associates) and its associates have helped business, organizations and government agencies to redefine their work environment with a new emphasis on your business - core values, human potential and by building stronger more efficient work units.

R.L. Young Associates offer access to consulting, training, strategic planning, e-learning, meeting planning and market research for our satisfied client base.

R.L. Young Associates has formed strategic partnerships with nationally and internationally known consultants in diversity management. To ensure the latest conceptual thinking in diversity and diversity management, our strategies and course content are designed from many of these thought leaders. All R.L. Young Associates recommended products and services are designed to work in concert to support a total strategy. In addition to our signature line of technology-based learning formats, we also have traditional books, training, videos and training guides available to address a wide variety of methodologies.

We save customers valuable time and training costs while building the overall competencies for understanding, valuing and managing diversity.

Press Room

Robert L Young, Jr.
For nearly 25 years, Bob has led diversity initiatives as Director of Diversity and Director of Human Resources at Dell Computer, Allied Signal and Kodak. From these roles, Bob is recognized nationally for his ability to develop the foundation upon which to build and integrate total strategies for Managing Diversity to achieve business results. He has led the Diversity Initiatives in organizations with populations in excess of 30,000 employees. Although he began his career as a Research Chemist, Bob has a broad-based knowledge of Human Resource Staffing and Organization Development. He is a Certified Diversity Trainer, Workshop Leader, Consultant and National Diversity Speaker.


In 2002, we launched DiversityInfo.com, the premier website for diversity. Here, our members can see first hand samples of education and products. This Internet-based portal is abundant with knowledge, wisdom and experts advise from our cadre of world-class consultants, speakers and associates.

With over 200 associates nationwide, we access the knowledge and skills of recognized experts. After many years of working with professionals in the field, R.L. Young Associates Associates has the resources to provide informed recommendations for our clients.

We make the selection process easy. For our clients, we offer personalized service and inside-information about the individual associates. For the Associates, we offer new leads and most importantly a bona fide recommendation.

Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles

Our vision is to be the center of excellence for diversity at the speed of technology. We are committed to use technology in a way that delivers timely and relevant diversity training in elearning, instructor led and blended learning formats.

Our Guiding Principles include building legacy, creating partnerships, community outreach, forming a Digital PROvide™, and commitment to excellence, ethics, mutual respect and inclusiveness in our businesses and our communities.

R.L. Young Associates believe that excellence is driven from proven effective programs. Therefore we will promote products for excellence. Our membership drives our growth. Your contributions will build a center of excellence for All of Us.

Outreach Principle

R.L. Young Associates is committed to forming a Digital PROvide™ for all of our customers and the communities they serve.

R.L. Young Associates is committed to using technology to enhance diversity literacy among our customers and in the communities where they live and work.

Through a series of public/private partnership models R.L. Young Associates will work to dismantle the digital divide. These community based models will offer opportunities for under served communities to access affordable computer equipment and training.

These unique partnerships underscores our commitment to community outreach, forming a Digital Provide™ and offering Diversity at the Speed of Technology.

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