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Partnership Opportunities

To offer our customers Diversity at the speed of Technology, Young and Kahn has formed strategic partnerships and alliances with the nation’s leading diversity thought leaders, technology experts and equipment manufacturers. We call these our Technology Circle, Legacy Circle and Affiliate Circle partners. This unique set of partners makes it possible to bring our customers a wide range of product, service and learning options. In this way Young and Kahn is able to link enhanced diversity literacy with computer literacy. Take a moment to browse their websites.


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Legacy Circle

This circle of partners includes some of the nation’s leading diversity thought leaders. This list was carefully constructed from the wealth of experienced professionals around the globe. The inaugural legacy circle was selected using a very distinct list of criteria. Each member is considered a pioneer in the diversity industry and has contributed to its inception.

The Legacy Circle is a first step toward honoring the individuals who have dedicated their careers to building inclusive businesses and communities while developing innovative approaches to managing diversity. The selection process was a difficult one. Selecting the final count was an awesome task. There have been so many great contributors to the cause. In years to come, we plan to expand this list. We plan to offer recognition programs and awards for outstanding achievements in the field of diversity. While we wish we could honor all of our associates and all of the hard-working individuals in the field, we elected to honor a select circle.

DiversityInfo.com is pleased to have had the honor of being associated with, learning from and borrowing ideas from these, Legacy Circle Associates, throughout the years:

Legacy Circle Members
Milton Bennett, Ph.D.
Taylor Cox, Ph.D.
Elsie Y. Cross
Jane Elliot
John Fernandez, Ph.D.
Lee Gardenswartz, Ph.D. and Anita Rowe, Ph.D.
Lewis Brown Griggs, Ph.D.
Robert Hayles, Ph.D.
Kay Iwata
Armida Mendez-Russell
Ann Morrison
Marilyn Loden
Julie O'Mara
Edith Whitefield Seashore
Charles N. Seashore, Ph.D.
George Simons, Ph.D.
Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D.
Roosevelt Thomas Jr., Ph.D.
Alfons Trompenaars, Ph.D.

Criteria for Legacy Partners
·    Fortune 500 Client Experience
·    National and/or International Scope
·    Implemented Multiple Strategic Diversity Plans
·    Published, Books, Articles, video, CD’s
·    Broad Resources Bandwidth and Implementation Strategies
·    Web enabled
·    Revenue Stream greater than ½ million
·    Over 15 years in Diversity Business
·    Must be a Specialist
·    Must have recognition among their peers.
·    Must have contributed new knowledge to the field of diversity

Affiliate Circle

The Young and Kahn sponsors and affiliate circle program offers opportunities for you to grow with us. If you would like information on how to become an Affiliate Circle partner, please contact us: info@YNKnet.com

Content Developers
Referral Representatives
Business Affiliate

Technology Circle

These partners have expertise in Learning Managements Systems, e-Learning, Survey and Data Research, Web Design and Management, and content Development. Young and Kahn Technology Circle include:

Dr. Larry Eldridge, Vice President, Consulting

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