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Diversity eLearning
Consultation Center

Imagine a center where you can go to receive answers to your most challenging diversity-related situations.

The Doctor is in !!!

As an active site members can receive advice, ideas and suggestions from Dr. Diversity’s member-only Toll Free Support Line

The Members-Only hotline number is: 1-800-YNK-INFO.

Please be prepared to share your Membership ID so we can determine your level of service.
If you are local to Arizona, please dial 602-266-8676. Our office hours are 9am - 5pm MST.
If we are out of the office, your call will be returned within 24 hours.

Examples of Previously Asked Questions:

·    My company needs to measure our existing program and would love some advice...

·    We are writing our own training course and need a 20 minute module. Do you have any ideas for us?

·    Our company needs to hire a diversity coach. Do you know anybody in the Northeast?

·    Our organization has an extensive diversity initiative can you help us with the next step?

·    I am an outside consultant and could use some help with pricing strategies.

We offer honest, practical solutions and answers to your most challenging questions

Consultation Services

In addition to telephone support, our Associates offer a comprehensive mix of services for managing diversity and diversity-related areas. Many of our services include traditional Human Resources and Organizational Development processes. Our services include consultation and information for:

·    Diversity Needs Assessments
·    Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Workforce
·    Crisis Management
·    Mediation
·    Conflict Resolution
·    Executive Coaching
·    Mentoring
·    Survey Services
·    Curriculum & Instructional Design
·    Management Development and Learning
·    Cultural Audits
·    Affirmative Action Planning
·    Diversity Speakers
·    Technical Writing
·    Career Development
·    Business Case Development

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