Milton Bennett, Ph.D.

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Dr. Bennett is the Director of Graduate Studies of the Individualized Master of Arts in Intercultural Relations and co-director of the Intercultural Communication Institute. In 1992, he received the Senior Interculturalist Award of Achievement from SIETAR International. In 1995, he and his wife, Janet Bennett, received the M. Houlihan Award for Outstanding Achievement in Intercultural Education and Training from NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

The co-author of the revised edition of American Cultural Patterns and editor of Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication, Dr. Bennett has published extensively on intercultural theory and the development of intercultural sensitivity.

   Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP
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Lenora is an internationally recognized speaker, performance improvement consultant, and author with more than twenty-five years experience in the public and private sectors. Before founding her business in 1986, Lenora was the director of human resources for a division of CIGNA Corporation, where she provided strategic and operational human resources management direction, counsel, and support to 4000 employees. Prior to that, Lenora was project administrator for General Motors Corporation. Her responsibilities included designing, developing, and delivering management seminars, and consulting services to various corporate, and dealership populations. Included among her accomplishments was the completion of the first management program for General Motors of Australia.

   Faye Bomer, MD
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Dr. Bomer’s background is in Education and clinical Medicine. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a Master of Science degree in Anatomy. She earned her Medical Degree from Rush Medical College in Chicago in 1976. Dr. Bomer specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her medical practice has taken her to the far reaches of the world; i.e., from the continental USA to the Territory of Guam and to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Her experiences and exposure to clinical practices in these vastly diverse cultures afforded her the opportunity to observe firsthand the effects of different lifestyles on the course of chronic global diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension and certain malignancies which afflict women exclusively.

Her current endeavors and interests focus on providing a Consultative Humanitarian Advocacy Service for terminal cancer patients and their families, as well as for patients with other progressive degenerative conditions. This service has involved in some cases identification and elucidation of novel, creative treatments. In others, it has involved locating open clinical trials from which some patients may benefit. The end result has been empowerment of patient and family alike thru knowledge.

Dr. Bomer is a sought-after lecturer and an active community service worker. She serves as a member of the Medical Advisory panel for a Medical Talk show. Dr. Bomer also serves as Director of a community based Emergency Medical Team formed to establish the protocol for handling emergency crises. Her consulting services are available for Corporate Employee Assistance Programs as well as medical consulting for Women, Senior Citizens, and community based organizations.

   David L Chicci
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David Chicci brings to the organizations he serves over 25 years experience in human resources and organization development. As a human resource vice president and organization development consultant, Dave has helped Fortune 500 companies and their leadership teams deal effectively with challenging business redesign, the managing of change, executive coaching, human resource process improvement and the development and management of full-service human resource departments.

   John Coné
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John Coné consults and writes on issues of organizational learning, with emphasis on strategy and technology. He was one of the founders Motorola University and was responsible for start up of each of its major components. He was Vice President of HR and CLO for Sequent, where he launched Sequent University and created the company’s first comprehensive quality strategy, and spent six years as creator and VP of Dell Learning.

John has been featured in Fast Company, T&D, HR, and Selling Power Magazines, Corporate University Review, and was named by Training Magazine as one of the new visionaries in organizational learning. His work has been profiled in four books on organizational learning and the organizations he has led have received numerous awards.

John has served as Chair of the Board of ASTD, the board of ASTD’s e-learning certification institute, the Editorial Board of Strategic HR Review, and the boards of Click2Learn and Storied Learning.

   Taylor Cox, Ph.D.

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Taylor Cox Jr. is Associate Professor of Organization Behavior and Human Resource Management at the University of Michigan School of Business where he teaches courses on organizational diagnosis and consulting, cultural diversity in organizations and human resources as a competitive advantage. He is also founder and president of a research and consulting firm specializing in organization change and development work for clients with culturally diverse workforces and markets.

He is author or co-author of more than twenty-five published articles and cases. His recent work has focused on the link between managing diversity and organization performance, defining multicultural organizations and developing competency to manage in settings, which are culturally diverse. His book, Cultural Diversity in Organizations: Theory, Research and Practice, was the 1994 co-winner of the prestigious George R. Terry Book Award given by The National Academy of Management to the book contributing the most to the advancement of the state of knowledge in management during the previous two years. His 1997 book, Developing Competency to Manage Diversity (co-authored with Dr. Ruby Beale) is a guidebook for personal and organizational learning about diversity.

   Elsie Y. Cross

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Elsie Cross has built her reputation on a personal commitment to ameliorate oppression as it affects the productivity and profitability of organizations and society as a whole. She has contributed to President Clinton’s Initiative on Race and Harvard Business School’s case study collection. Active in the Organization Development Network, she was a founding member of the People of Color and Women’s subgroups. She currently serves on the advisory board of The Poynter Institute and is the former chair of the National Training Laboratories Institute for Applied Behavioral Science (NTL) board of directors. Ms. Cross has led managing diversity seminars at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Executive Education Center and been a speaker for many professional organizations.
She has often been quoted in such media as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Los Angeles Times and Philadelphia Inquirer. She has also been featured in television and radio shows, including The Today Show. She is editor of The Promise of Diversity and The Diversity Factor: Capturing the Competitive Advantage of a Changing Workforce. Most recently, Ms. Cross authored Managing Diversity – The Courage to Lead.